Thursday, November 12, 2009

Secret Diary of a Call Girl by Belle de Jour

Ah, the French. I admit, I am a sucker for call girl memoirs. I know, weird. But after delving into the smutty and simultaneously hilarious world of Nancy Chan’s “Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl” and the follow-up “Diary of a Married Call Girl”, I was hooked. A French take was exactly what I needed to dither away a weekend. Written in diary form, as only a classy call girl could do, we enter Belle’s seedy world, her friends (heavily populated by ex-boyfriends), and love of fashion – even if it is underneath her clothes. Pretty scandalous, this is a book to keep at home…and perhaps away from the boyfriend J

Showtime had a short-run series inspired by this work with Billie Piper – an underappreciated actress if there is one - as the much-loved main character. With more outrageous things on TV nowadays, this show was definitely not tame, to say the least, and the book is the same.


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